Ensemble Hotel and Cruise Amenities can be added with the click of a button to any booking with a preferred hotel or cruise partner.

The Ensemble Hotel and Cruise Amenities feed is linked to a vendor's profile in Umapped. This means that every time you select an Ensemble Preferred hotel or cruise's profile in Umapped, you can automatically add the linked amenities! Follow the steps outlined below.

1. Click View Details on an Accommodation or Cruise segment, then click Add Ensemble Amenities.

2. Review the available amenities, then click Update to add them into the Details section of your segment.

3. Even if the Details section already has text (entered by you or imported from outside Trip Publisher), you can still add Ensemble amenities by clicking to expand the Details menu and clicking the Star icon.

If the Add Ensemble Amenities button does not appear, this could be for two reasons:

1. Has your company account been linked to the Ensemble preferred program in Umapped?

Contact us to find out.

2. Does the preferred partner's name you have entered/imported match the corresponding vendor profile in Trip Publisher?

When you import bookings, the name of the hotel/cruise might not match the corresponding profile in Trip Publisher. If preferred partner amenities are not appearing, try the following:

  • Click View Details, then the Edit icon to update the vendor name.
  • Re-enter the name exactly as it appears on the Ensemble website.
  • Select the correct match from the vendor database and the Ensemble Amenities button will appear.