ClientBase Live Connect is a live connection between Umapped and your ClientBase account, which allows you to transmit reservations from your Trip into ClientBase. Any Umapped user with a ClientBase account can use this connection - read here to learn about getting set up.

How to Use ClientBase Live Connect

1. Navigate to the ResCard you are working on in ClientBase.

2. Select Live Connect and connect to Umapped. You will have to enter your Umapped username and password in the User Name: and Password: fields. Leave Account Number and Agency Code blank. 

3. Click Create new reservations.

4. Select any information you want to include, then click Connect.

5. Select your Trip.

6. Select the reservations you wish to import into ClientBase, or click Select All to import all.

  • If you see the prompt ClientBase instead of +Select, the segment is already included in an existing ResCard.

7. After you have made your selections, click Next.

8. To edit any reservation details, click on Reservation Details. 

  • All fields can be edited. Please note that vendor information can also be edited once imported into ClientBase. Click Save to update reservation details.

9. To group related reservations together, click on Select, then Group.

10. After grouping reservations together, update details for the entire group by selecting Reservation Details.


11. If reservations were grouped in error, select the reservations then click Ungroup.

12. Once you are finished, select Import to transmit reservation details to ClientBase.

  • After selecting Import, a summary screen of the reservation details will be displayed

13. From here, select Import Reservation in your ClientBase screen.

If the Vendor Code is not found, select Query for Vendor by Name and map all the reservations to your correct vendor.