The Dashboard is the landing page for the Trip Publisher, and is where you'll be able to browse, filter, and search through your Trips and Bookings.

1. Trips

  • Select My Trips, Trips Shared with Me, or Company Trips.
    • My Trips are Trips you've created.
    • Trips Shared with Me are trips you're Collaborating on (for more on Collaboration, click here).
    • Company Trips are Trips created within your agency.
      • Only Administrator accounts can view Company Trips. To update account levels, contact your administrator.
  • Search through your Trips within the Dashboard by clicking the Filter icon beside the search bar.

  • Filter Trips by Date, Trip Status or Date Created, or select all to browse through all Trips. Use the search bar to refine even further by keyword or tag.
  • Active Trips (in-progress and future-dated trips) are displayed by default.

  • Mouse over the cover photo thumbnail of a Trip to scroll through a preview of its components.

2. View or import Bookings

  • Use the Booking Inbox option from the sidebar to search or import new bookings from our GDS and supplier partners.
  • Click Email API Log to access bookings that have been imported via email.