If you are not set up with a GDS, or you booked your travel directly with a DMC or tour operator, you can import bookings into your Booking Inbox by email.

1. Forward email confirmation

  • Forward your flight, hotel, or transportation booking to import@umapped.com.
  • The email address you forward from must be the same one associated with your Umapped account. 
  • If forwarding from a different email, forward to import+[username]@umapped.com instead.
    • To add your own custom search keyword to search by later, change the subject line of your booking before forwarding.

2. Check your Booking Inbox

  • Click Import Bookings in the sidebar.
  • Search by passenger name, airline name, or subject line.
  • Confirm details by pressing the down arrow (v).

3. Add to your Trip

  • Click the Options icon (three vertical dots) to the right of the booking.
    • If you are accessing the Booking Inbox from within a Trip, you will be able to Add to Trip.
    • If you are accessing the Booking Inbox from the Dashboard, you will also have the option to Create a New Trip from this screen with your booking(s).

For a complete list of supported suppliers for email forwarding, click on the attachment below this article.

NOTE: Bookings forwarded by email will not update automaticallyIf important changes are made to a booking, please re-upload or update the booking manually in the Trip Publisher.