There are three main ways to add a booking or segment to your Trip.

1. Import from your Booking Inbox

  • If you haven't yet read our guide to populating your Booking Inbox, take a minute to learn about one or more of the following import options:
  • Once you've located your booking, click the Options icon (three vertical dots) to the right of the booking to add it to an existing Trip or create a new Trip.

2. Import from a Umapped Supplier

  • Umapped has partnered with DMCs and Tour Operators from around the globe to provide seamless integration of tour information.
  • From the Trip Menu, click Suppliers and select the operator associated with your booking.
    • Don't see your favourites listed? Let us know at We're always adding new partnerships.

3. Create a new segment

  • Create a new segment of any type from within the Trip Publisher by pressing the Add icon (+) in the bottom-right corner. Here are two common examples:

Example: Adding flights

  • From the Add icon, select Flight.

  • Search the airline and add the flight number (number may require leading zeroes, e.g. AC 009).

  • Once you enter your flight number, the departure and arrival airports and times should populate automatically. If not, you can enter these manually.
  • Make sure you update the departure and arrival dates, especially for flights that arrive next-day.
  • Click Add To Trip to save. Your Travellers will receive flight updates and notifications up to twenty-four hours before scheduled departure.

Example: Adding accommodation

  • From the Add icon, select Accommodation.
  • Start typing the name of the accommodation you'd like to add. If it's in the Umapped database, you should be able to select from the drop-down list. 

  • Contact info, website details, and photographs should populate automatically if the hotel was selected from our database. Add check-in/out dates and times and click Add to Trip.
  • Didn't see your hotel listed? Learn more about creating custom vendors here.

Bookings, reservations, and custom segments can be created at any time using the Add icon (+). These sort by date order automatically and can be rearranged with a simple drag and drop.