Umapped's Trip Publisher allows you to create your own custom, curated content for your Travellers, or save time by adding free Destination Content from our partners at AFAR and Wcities. 

1. Add custom content to your Library

  • Click on the hamburger icon from the top left corner.
  • Select Library from the dropdown menu and then select Documents.
  • To create a new Document, click the +New button in the top right corner.

  • From here, you can create your own custom Destination Content to save to your Library, which will be available for any future Trips you create.

2. Add content from AFAR and WCities

  • From within your Trip, click Destination Content on the left side of the screen.

  • Search for cities in AFAR Destination Guides and Points of Interest, or Wcities Guides
    • You can also add a page from a custom Document you've previously created from this screen by selecting Add From Library.
  • If you've already added segments with city information to your Trip, these fields may autofill.

  • Browse content and select as many guides as you'd like, then click Add to Trip.

  • Select the date where you would like the content to appear in your Trip. Most advisors prefer to add at the end so as not to disrupt their itinerary, but you can choose anywhere you feel the content is most useful.