If you want to preview your Trip before sharing it with Travellers or Collaborators, here are a few ways to review what you've created.

1. Calendar

  • Click Calendar from within your Trip at any time to view your itinerary in calendar format.
  • You can easily reorder or change the dates of segments by simply dragging and dropping within the Calendar (more on this here).

2. Preview Web View

  • In order to view the Web View for your Trip, you will need to Publish it. Don't worry - you don't need to share with anyone else at this stage.
  • From within your Trip, click Publish in the top-right corner.

  • You will be asked whether you'd like to publish an interactive or read-only version of your trip. 
    • Interactive Trips include Traveller collaboration and Messaging functionality (learn more about these options here). These can still be turned off in your Account Settings
    • Read-only Trips are intended for sharing an itinerary with a colleague or client for final comments before publishing and does not include a Web View option. 
  • Select Interactive for the purposes of previewing your Trip.
  • Add a personalized message that your Travellers will receive once they are added to the Trip. Travellers will not receive an email until you add their email addresses (more on this step here).

  • Now, using the Preview icon, you'll be able to preview the Web View version of your Trip, as well as PDF and Printer Friendly PDF (more on this below).
    • When previewing the Web View you will not be able to see Traveller Collaboration options (if enabled). To preview these, add a personal (different from your account) email as a Traveller and log into the Web View using that email.

3. Preview PDF/Printer Friendly PDF 

  • Click the Preview icon on your Trip and select PDF to view a PDF itinerary.
    • If you select Printer Friendly, you will get the same itinerary with images removed.

4. Insert page breaks

  • Once you've viewed your PDF itinerary, you may want to adjust page breaks so certain content is not split across two pages.
  • To do this, return to the Trip Publisher and click View Booking Details on any segment. 
  • Click the Tag icon and select whether you would like to add a PDF page break before or after this segment.

  • Make sure to preview your PDF itinerary again to ensure everything looks as desired.
  • To remove a page break, simply return to the same segment, click the Tag icon, and deselect Insert PDF page break.