Once your Trip is ready, it's time to share it with your clients.

1. Publishing a Trip

  • You may have already Published your Trip in order to preview your Web View and make any final adjustments. For more on this step, click here.
  • To add Travellers to your Trip, select Travellers from the left navigation menu or click the Share icon and select Travellers.

  • Click Add Traveller to add clients to the Trip.
    • If you have previously Published your Trip, Travellers will receive a welcome email immediately with the personalized message you added during that step.
    • If you have not yet Published your Trip, you will have a chance to personalize your invitation message.
  • Once you Publish your Trip and add Travellers, your clients will by invited by email to explore their Web View and download the mobile app for iPhone or Android.

2. Re-Publishing a Trip

  • If you make changes to your Trip after publishing, you will need to Re-Publish in order to ensure these changes are visible on the Web View and mobile app. 
  • Click Re-Publish in the top-right corner of the Trip Publisher to update the Web View with your edits.
  • You can opt to notify Travellers of these changes and add a message to the notification email.

3. Umapped Messenger

  • Once you have shared your Trip, Travellers can interact with you and each other using the Messenger feature.
  • If you are using the Trip Publisher when a new message is sent, you will see a notification at the top of your screen next to the Messenger icon.

  • Travellers can send a general message, or send a message from any segment of the Trip. You will be able to see which segment they're referring to after you open your notifications.

  • You can respond directly from within the Trip Publisher, or if you're not online, you will receive an email digest approximately every thirty minutes. You can reply directly from your email inbox and your responses will be sent from Umapped Messenger.