Release Date: June 25, 2019

A. First Time Users

1.License Agreement 

  • The first Umapped user at your Company will be prompted to accept the License Agreement when they log in for the first time. 

  • Download or print a PDF of your Agreement.

B. Updates on the Dashboard

2. Access link to new Umapped Support Portal

  • Need help? Click on the Support link in the toolbar, and then select Online Support to view FAQ, online tutorials or send a ticket to our Customer Success team.

3. Recently Viewed feature in Trip Dashboard

  • Look up recently viewed/accessed Trips, Vendors, or Documents.

  • Timestamps help to see when you have last accessed or worked on something.

C. Account Preferences

4. Plans 

  • Select the Plans menu option under your user profile to view your current plans.

5. Credit Card information for Plan

  • Ability to enter and update Credit Card information

  • Ability to download monthly invoices

D. Trips

6. Merge Trips from within a Trip

  • Select the Merge Trip icon from within a Trip.

  • Click here for complete instructions.

7. Summary Note

  • Add a Trip Summary using the Add icon. A day-by-day Trip Summary will automatically populate.

  • The Trip Summary can be edited.