To quickly change dates or revise the layout of your Trip, there are two methods you can use.

1. Reordering segments within the same date

  • To reorder segments that fall on the same day, simply click, drag, and drop the segment where you want it to appear.

  • This will only work for segments that have been entered with the same date, and will not reorder segments with different dates.

2. Reordering segments in order to change the date

  • Click Calendar.
  • Drag and drop the segments as they appear in the Calendar to revise the dates and order of appearance.
  • When you return to the Trip view, segments should have dates that reflect their placement in the Calendar.

Be sure to use caution when reordering segments using the Calendar, as this will change the dates in the segment details. This feature works for any type of segment in your Calendar, including flights and accommodation.