The Web View allows your clients to engage with their upcoming Trip with an interactive, dynamic browser interface.

When your Travellers first receive their welcome email they are given a link to their Web View, where they can log in with their email address.

  • Travellers must log in using the same email that was used when you added them as a Traveller. To revise their email address, they must be removed and re-added as Travellers.

Once Travellers have logged in, they will be able to view: 

  • All their Trip segments, complete with photos and website links (if applicable).
  • Links to download a PDF copy of the Trip as well as the mobile app
  • You and your Company's contact information

Depending on a user's browser screen size, or if being viewed on a mobile device, the Web View will be optimized for the best viewing experience.

The Web View is a dynamic and interactive document, that updates with new flight information (within 24hrs of departure) as it becomes available, and revisions when you Re-Publish your Trip.