Using Umapped Messenger, you can send and receive messages from your Travellers in real-time.

  • To enable/disable this feature, please adjust the setting for Traveller Messaging in your profile under Preferences.

  • Travellers can also send and receive chat messages from the Umapped mobile app.

1. To access the Messenger feature, select the Messages icon at the top right-hand corner of the Dashboard and choose the appropriate Trip.

  • If you click the Messages icon from within a Trip, this step is not necessary.

2. Select the specific booking you're writing about to leave a message for your Traveller(s).

3. Your Traveller(s) will receive a notification in the Messages section within the Advisor contact card of their Web View. 

4. If your Traveller has the Umapped or one of the White Labelled mobile apps, they will also receive a notification within the app.

  • Email digests of messages missed while offline are sent approximately every thirty minutes for both Travel Advisors and Travellers.

  • You can reply to messages within your email app, without having to log back into Trip Publisher.

The Messenger feature allows Travellers and Travel Advisors to communicate throughout the planning process and the journey without switching between apps.