If your cruise is part of Umapped's database, you'll be able to upload the entire voyage at once.

1. Click the Add icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen and select Cruise.

2. Start typing the ship name or cruise line and select from the drop-down menu.

3. Select the sailing month and year, then click Find Cruises.

4. Now you can browse available voyages. Click the down arrow (v) to expand and view cruise stops for each voyage. 

5. Once you have selected your cruise, click Import.

6. All your cruise stops will now import directly into your Trip as separate Activity segments. Your cruise line may also provide a Note segment with an overview of your cruise experience.

  • You can now add Cabin, Pricing, Cancellation Policy, Details, and Files to your cruise if desired. 

  • Many cruises will come pre-loaded with photographs and travel details.

7. To delete a Cruise stop, click View Details on the Cruise Stop Activity segment, then click the Delete icon.

8. To delete an entire Cruise, click View Details on the Cruise segment, then click the Delete icon.

If you don't see your cruise listed, you can contact support@umapped.com to request it. Cruises can also be added manually by following the steps here.