If your cruise is not part of Umapped's database, you can still add all the relevant details yourself.

1. Click the Add icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen and select Cruise.

2. Click Add Cruise.

3. Enter the Ship name, Cruise line, booking numbers, dates, and ports, and click Import.

  • A drop-down list may also appear if your cruise is part of our Umapped database. If you're able to find your voyage, click here to learn more about importing a complete cruise.

  • You can now add Cabin, Pricing, Cancellation Policy, Details, and Files to your cruise if desired.

4. Any cruise stops that you add under your cruise Booking details will automatically generate as Activity segments, and vice versa - cruise stops you add as Activity segments will also appear under your Cruise segment stops, as long as you use Cruise stop as the Activity type. 

If you would like to save your finished cruise for future use, you can click the Camera icon to create a new Vendor for your Library.