If you are not importing from a GDS, tour operator, or email confirmation, you can add insurance yourself at any time.

1. Click the Add icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen and select Insurance.

2. Enter your Provider, Policy number, and other details.

3. If you prefer that the insurance info appears alongside a particular booking, click Link to trip segment and select where you would like it to appear.

4. Once you have added the necessary info, click Add to Trip

5. You can update the Insurance details any time by clicking View Details and then the Edit icon, or move the segment to another date using the Calendar icon.

6. Attach a file to your insurance note. Select View Details, then select Attach File.

  • Search your file attachments in Supporting Documents, or upload a file. Select Attach File.

  • Your insurance note will indicate how many files are attached. Click on the Paperclip icon to open the drawer to your files list.

For help with the various text formatting options for Insurance Notes, visit Text Formatting Options.