Add an overview of all your trip segments by using the Summary feature.

1. Click the Add icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen and select Summary.

2. A list of all Trip segments and dates will generate as a Note at the beginning of your trip.

3. To edit the Summary at any time, click View Details, then click the:

  • Copy to Note icon to copy the Note to a Document,
  • Calendar icon to change the date, 
  • Tag icon to change its placement in the Trip
  • Edit icon to revise the Summary text

4. For help with the various text formatting options for Trip Summaries, visit Text Formatting Options.

Please note, if you add or remove segments after adding a Summary, simply click the Add icon and add the Summary again; it will overwrite the existing Summary. If you made edits to the original Summary, you may wish to manually edit it with the changes so as not to lose your other inputs.