Once you are finished adding segments to your Trip, you can Publish it to make it available to your Travellers.

NOTE: Travellers added to the trip prior to Publishing will not receive a link to the Web View until the trip is Published.

1. Click the blue Publish button in the top right-hand corner.

2. Add an optional note for your Travellers, which will be included in their welcome email. 

3. Choose to publish either an interactive or read-only version of your Trip.

NOTE: Publishing a read-only version will keep the status of the trip as Pending on your Dashboard. Once the trip is published as interactive, the status will change to Published.

Your clients will receive their Trip email with access to the Web Itinerary to view when published as read-only or interactive.

3. Your Trip will now appear as Published in your Dashboard (if the interactive version was selected).

4. If you make changes to a Trip after Publishing, you will need to Re-Publish your Trip to ensure all revisions go live for your Travellers. You can decide whether to notify them of these changes or not and if you would like to include an additional note.

Once a Trip is Published, it cannot be un-Published. However, if you remove a Traveller, they will lose access to the Trip via Web View and mobile app.