Umapped's ClientBase Sync integration is a synchronization via the TRAMS Central Database that allows you to access your ClientBase ResCards from within your Umapped account. This integration is available to members on the Travel Pro Plan, but can also be set up during your free trial period.

ResCards that have been added to a Trip using ClientBase Sync will be automatically updated in the Trip Publisher if edits are made in ClientBase. Here's how to get started:

1. Have a manager/officer of your agency complete the ClientBase release form. Please make sure to select Umapped Inc. as the Itinerary Vendor.

2. The Umapped Customer Success team will reach out to you once the integration is complete.

3. Once completed, ClientBase will grant access for you to search and/or display your ResCards from within your Booking Inbox.

For more information on using ClientBase Sync, click here.