If your company has set up the ClientBase Sync integration, you can add ResCards to your Trips within the Trip Publisher.

1. From the Dashboard, click Booking Inbox.

  • If your ClientBase account ID is linked to your Umapped account, your ResCards should appear automatically. To link your account, contact support@umapped.com
  • If your ClientBase account ID is not linked to your Umapped account, you can still search by keyword (e.g. ResCard number, passenger name).

2. Locate the ResCard(s) you want to add and click the Options icon to the right.

3. Select Add to Trip to add to an existing Trip, or Create Trip to create a new Trip which includes these bookings.

  • If you are accessing your Booking Inbox from within a Trip, clicking Add to Trip will add the bookings to your current Trip.

Updates to your ResCards

This live integration will automatically override existing bookings whenever a change/update is made in your ResCard. We suggest adding additional booking information/descriptions using the Note feature to avoid these edits being overwritten when updates are synced. 

Please note changes made to a ResCard created more than six months ago at the time of the sync will not be synced in your Trip. Please email support@umapped.com to have your ResCard synced if this the case.

Sync Time and Duration: 

Umapped syncs to the TRAMS Central Database six times a day. Please allow up to three hours for your ResCards to be available/updated in the Trip Publisher to account for both the Umapped sync frequency as well as your company's sync frequency.