To import your Alpine Adventures bookings, simply forward your Alpine Adventures confirmation email to your Umapped API email address.

1. Locate your Umapped email API address, by clicking on the Menu icon, go to Admin, and then Company. In Manage Companies, click Edit, then select API Email.

  • Please note, only Company Administrators will have access to the API Email tab.
  • We recommend saving your Company email API address in your address book for easy reference with a name you will easily remember (e.g. Umapped email API).

2. Forward your Alpine Adventures confirmation to your Umapped API email address and edit the email subject line as follows:

  • To create a new Trip: the subject line of your email will be used to generate the Trip name. 
  • To add to an existing Trip: match the email subject line to your existing Trip name so that the booking is added to the correct Trip.

3. The tour stops will now appear as segments in your Trip.

Please note, for the bookings to map correctly to Umapped, the email confirmation must be forwarded from the same email you use for Umapped (visible in the bottom-left corner of Trip Publisher). To change your Umapped account email, please contact our Customer Success team at