If your Vendor Database doesn't include some of your preferred partners you can create and add new vendor profiles to the Vendor Database.

Once you create a profile it will be saved and available to all the users in your company.

NOTE: profiles you create are not accessible to users outside of your company.

1. Click the Menu icon tab at the top left of your screen, select Library, and then from the menu list select Vendors.

2. Click the Add icon and select the type of Vendor you want to add to the database.

2. Enter the Vendor name and details and click Create.

3. Click Add Photo to add from your library, the web, or upload your own photos.

4. Your new vendor profile will now be available to search in the Vendors tab (if you need to make further edits at any time) AND it will appear as an option when creating a Trip segment.

Vendors can be shared amongst all Company users, but can only be added or edited by Administrators and Power Member users.