Booking Inbox - Where imported bookings are stored/accessed in the Trip Publisher

Collaborator - A Trip Publisher user who reviews or edits a Trip (besides the Trip creator)

Dashboard - The landing page for the Trip Publisher that loads after login. Also accessible by clicking Dashboard at the top of the screen

Destination Content - Location guides (either preloaded or custom) that can be added as Note segments or Documents in a Trip

Document - A content folder that can be attached to a Trip

Duplicate - To make a copy of a Trip

Email Log - A listing of the click/open count of your welcome email by Travellers

Merge - To combine two Trips into one

Publish - To make a Trip public for the first time, thereby generating the Web View

Re-Publish - To push Trip revisions to the Web View and mobile app

Supplier - A tour operator or DMC with a Umapped integration that allows users to import their bookings or content from Trip Publisher 

Traveller - Umapped users who do not use the Trip Publisher; passengers

Vendor - Any company that provides services referenced in a Segment (e.g. airline, hotel)

Vendor Database - The collection of Vendors that have been customized or added by the users or by other users in their Company

Web View - The desktop Trip interface for Travellers