Select Travellers from the left navigation menu or click the Share icon to add both Travellers and Collaborators. Publish your Trip at any stage using the Publish button.


1. Click the Share icon and select Add Collaborator to add by email or Umapped username.

2. Select which access level you want your Collaborator to have.

3. Remove or adjust access at any time by clicking the Options icon (three vertical dots) to the right of any Collaborator name. 

4. Keep track of your Collaborator's edits by checking the Trip Audit Log regularly.


1. Click the Share icon and select Add Traveller.

2. Once your Traveller has been added, click the Options icon (three vertical dots) to remove the Traveller, preview the Welcome Email, or view their Trip Email Log.


1. Click the blue Publish button in the top right-hand corner.

2. Add an optional note for your Travellers, which will be included in their welcome email.