If your organization is not set up with ClientBase Sync, you can still import your reservations via ClientBase Invoice Import. ClientBase invoices can be uploaded directly into Trip Publisher, or imported via email forwarding.

PDF Upload

1. From within a Trip, click Suppliers, then click PDF Upload.

2. Upload your file and select ClientBase Invoice from the drop-down menu.

3. Click Upload PDF to import the reservations directly into your Trip.

Email forwarding

1. Locate your Umapped Email API Address in your Company Settings.

  • If you are unable to access this feature, please contact an Administrator for your Umapped account.
  • We recommend saving your Umapped email API address in your address book for easy reference with a name you will easily remember (e.g. Umapped email API).

2. From ClientBase, go to your ResCard and select the invoice.

  • For a new Trip, the subject line of your email from ClientBase will be used to generate the new Trip name. 
  • For an existing Trip, match the subject line of your ClientBase email to your existing Umapped Trip name. 
    • If you do not successfully match the name of the Trip, a second Trip will be created. In this case, you can Merge the two Trips.

3. Navigate to your new Trip (or existing Trip) using the Dashboard and review your imported segments.

  • Please note that for bookings to import correctly, they must include data for all Umapped required fields (e.g. flight bookings must include the flight number and times, accommodation bookings must include check-in and check-out dates, etc).
  • The original invoice will also be attached under Supporting Documents. You can choose to keep or remove this attachment.

Please note, if ClientBase Invoices are re-uploaded/forwarded, they will overwrite the existing data. If you wish to input additional details to a synced booking in your Trip, we suggest adding them as a separate Note so your additions are not overwritten when bookings are re-imported.