Whether you are using a Vendor from Umapped's database or a custom Vendor from your own Library, there are several ways to customize how and which photos appear in each Trip.

1. Click View Details on the bottom-right corner of a segment, then click the Photo icon to open the Edit Photos dialogue box.

2. Click the Show Photos toggle to hide all Vendor photos for your entry.

3. Click on one or more photos, then click Hide to hide a selection of the available photos.

4. Click Restore Default to restore all photos for the Vendor.

5. To change the order of Vendor photos, click the Hide Photos Mode toggle to switch to Reorder Photos Mode. Drag and drop photos into the desired order, which will auto-save as you work, then click Close

  • You can also use the Restore Default to revert to the original photo order.

5. Click Add Photo to add additional photos for the Vendor (PNG or JPG only). These will be saved to the Library entry for that Vendor, so they will be available the next time it is used.

Vendor photos can be deleted from the Vendor Profile.

⚠️  IMPORTANT NOTE: Any changes to a Vendor Profile (including adding/removing photos) will automatically update the vendor segment in ALL itineraries that currently include this profile.

It is recommended to only make changes to a Vendor Profile that would be universally applied/accepted by all users - such as correcting an address, or removing an incorrect photo.

1. Select the Menu icon from the top left, go to the Library, and then select Vendors

2. Select the Vendor type by clicking on Filters and then selecting the Vendor type from the dropdown menu. 

3. Enter the Vendor name and click Search. Select the Vendor you wish to edit from the results by clicking View Details.

4. Click on Photos, if any are available, then select Edit Photos

5. Select the photo that you would like to delete and click Delete Photo.