In Trip Publisher, you can save collections of text and image content as Documents in your Library to use in your Trips or Templates. You can include an entire Document, or one or more Pages, into a Trip to add important, interesting, or engaging content.

1. Click the Menu icon at the top of the Trip Publisher, select Library, and click Documents to browse through your existing Documents. Click the +New button to add a new Document.

NOTE: By default, any Documents created are accessible to all users within your Company. Click the Make Document Private checkbox to have this Document, and all of it's pages, only accesible to you.*

*Company Administrators will be able to see all Documents, regardless if they are marked Private.

2. Click the Photo icon to add a cover photo, and the Add icon to create a new Page.

  • For help with the various text formatting options for Pages, see the Text Formatting Options solution.

3. Click View Details to add photos, videos, links, attachments, and location information to your Page.

4. You can also add an existing Page that is associated with another Document, by selecting Add Existing Page from the Add icon and searching your Library.

Documents can be added to your Trip as complete collections, or you can add individual Pages as desired. Think of a Document like a folder of similar content: you can pull individual Pages into your Trip, or attach the entire Document collection.