If you've added Insurance, a Note, a Summary, or a Page to your Trip, you have several options to control the look and feel of your text. These options are also available when adding Details to other segments, such as flights and accommodation.

1. Select the Format drop-down menu to select the paragraph format type.

2. Use the icons to make text bold, italic, underlined, hyperlinked, or add bullets or numbered lists. 

3. Click the Table icon to insert a table into your note.

  • Use the dialogue box to customize your table and add a caption, then click Ok to add it.

  • Rows and columns can be added to your table at any time by right-clicking the table and selecting Row or Column.
  • Other table properties can be updated by selecting Table Properties from this menu.

  • Highlight cells and right-click to select the Cell option, which includes Cell Properties, like text alignment, cell splitting, or border and background colours (hexadecimal and RGB format).

If you have complex, formatted Notes, be sure to save them as Pages to use again and again.