Templates in the new Trip Publisher interface allow you to create a model of a Trip that can be saved and reused for similar Trips; Templates have a wide range of functionality similar to building a Trip, but with the added improvement of being able to easily reuse a Template for future Trips. 

The new version of Templates has a wide range of additional functionality, including:

  • storing bookings such as tours, flights, accommodations, and more;
  • sharing Templates within your Company;
  • adding contextual Tags to your Templates;
  • Adding Supporting Documents (PDFs, Word Documents, and Library Documents);
  • and more!

Templates can be found by navigating to your Library and then selecting the Templates tab.

Existing Users

Please note that Templates created in the old Trip Publisher will not be migrating over, as the functionality in the new version of Templates is more advanced than the old version of Templates.

As a workaround for legacy users that have previously created Templates in the old Trip Publisher, in order to retain those preexisting Templates, convert your Templates into Trips in the old Trip Publisher. Then, log in to your account in the new Trip Publisher, and create a Template from those Trips. 

New Users

For New Users, working with Templates allows you to create a model of a Trip that you can use for multiple Trips. You can either create a Template from scratch or convert a Trip into a Template.