In Destination Content, you can add content from your Library to your Templates. If you haven't yet added any Documents to your Library, click here to learn how.


1. From within a Template, click Destination Content, then Library.


2. Search by keyword, then click Copy next to any content you want added to your Template.

3. This content is added as a Note in your current Template Like any Note, you can click View Details to add or change links, photos, and videos.

In order to change what day the Note is displayed on, select the Calendar from the navigation menu to move the Note to a different day, or select the pencil icon to make changes to the text, or even link the Note to a specific segment.

Please note, any file attachments saved with this content will not be included in a Note component. If you need a file included in your Trip, either attach the whole Document the content is associated with, or attach the file separately under Supporting Documents.