Release Date: October 11, 2019

  1. Added Features

  1. File Attachments

    • Rename or reorder any files in your File Attachments after they have been added

    • Go into your Supporting Documents and select File Attachments

    • Click the Options icon and select Edit

    • To reorder Files, drag and drop the individual File to another spot in the list

  1. Passenger Information in Flight Segments

    • Passenger initials will now appear in a circle icon at the bottom of the flight segment

    • Clicking on a passenger’s initials will open the segment details drawer to view additional passenger information

  1. PDF/Word Documents

    • If you have added a PDF or Word document to a Document Page in your Library, you can now add that File as a Supporting Document in a Trip

    • After adding your Document to a Page, go into your Trip and select Supporting Documents

    • Click on File Attachments and then select Search Library

    • You can now enter the name of your Page into the search bar to add the File in that Page as a Supporting Document 

  1. Improvements

  1. Creating a Vendor

    • The edit icon for Member user type is now hidden when creating a Vendor

  1. Scroll Bar

    • Users without a trackpad or mouse with a scroller can now use the scroll bar in the New Trip Publisher

  1. Fixes

  1. Adding Existing Pages to Documents

    • Information on segments when adding existing Pages to Document will remain within the segment card

  1. Vendor Photos and Details

    • The issue with Vendor photos and details wrapping has been resolved

    • Photos will now display completely within the drawer view

  1. Editing Booking Dates | Calendar Widget

    • With the scroll bar, the calendar will no longer be cut off when editing the date of a booking for users with smaller screens

  1. Height Issue with Modal Responsive Design

    • Users with small windows or screens will now be able to properly select buttons at the bottom of their window (e.g. Close, Search, Import, etc.)

  1.  Tramada | Frequent Flyer Numbers

    • When importing a booking from Tramada, the Frequent Flyer numbers from partnered airlines (e.g. Qantas Airlines and American Airlines) will now appear in all flight segments

  1.  Tramada | Code Sharing

    • When importing a booking from Tramada, the code share information will now be included in the Details of the flight segment

  1.  Duplicating Label Field

    • The activity and transportation label will now only appear once in Activity and Transportation segments