If you book with Project Expedition, you can import your reservations into Umapped with a few clicks. 

Account Setup

First, email our Customer Success team at support@umapped.com to request access to the Project Expedition integration. When reaching out to our CS Team, please confirm the email that you have on file with Project Expedition.

Once the setup is completed for your account you will receive a confirmation email from Umapped with full instructions.

1. When sending a Project Expedition booking, you need to select Send To Umapped from the Bookings tab within Project Expedition before importing from the Booking Inbox from the Trip Publisher. 

2. From within a Trip, click Import Bookings.

3. Enter the booking number into the Keyword section. Once you're done, click Search.

4. Click the Options icon (three vertical dots) to the right of your desired booking, then select Add to Trip, or select Create Trip to create a new Trip that includes the booking.

5. The tour stops will now appear as segments in your Trip.