Release Date: November 8th, 2019

Umapped has refreshed and redesigned our Templates feature to make it even easier to create and access trip ideas that your clients will love.

With Templates, you can:

  • Promote your top selling Trips in minutes, tailored to your clients’ interests 

  • Collaborate and share best selling Trips with your colleagues 

  • Inspire your clients with ideas for their next trip; browse popular Templates to offer relevant suggestions in minutes

Templates are day-by-day itineraries, much like Trips, but without specific dates; instead, set a Template duration and include all the elements you’d want in a great Trip. Templates can be reused over and over again to create itineraries for your clients.

Tags and Tag Groups enable you to easily categorize and search your Templates; they also enable you to collect valuable insights on top-selling Trips. 

Assigning Tags and Tag Groups to your Templates allows you to:

  • Organize your Templates across 5 Tag Categories: Amenities, Destination, Price, Experience, and Trip Type

  • Quickly search and find Templates relevant to your clients’ travel interests

  • Review and assess what destinations, features, or price points are winning with your clients

  • Promote Templates that you want your advisors to sell (For Admin Users)

If you frequently find yourself creating the same type of Trip, using Templates will allow you to focus on customizing your Trips rather than spending time creating your Trips from scratch. 

A common scenario would be to create Templates for destinations that you sell frequently and to use Tags to describe some of the key attributes of the Template. 

For example, we created a Template called ‘Classic Italy’, designed especially for first-time Italy visitors, and then we used Tags to specify some of its specific attributes:

Template: Classic Italy

Here are examples of Tags & Tag Groups across the 5 available Tag Categories:


Tags: Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice

Tag Groups: Europe, Italy

Trip Type 

Tag: Family-friendly, Small Groups


Tag: Luxury, Moderate, Value


Tag: Tours, Cooking School, Shopping, Art

Tag Groups: Italy Must-Do


Tags: Swimming Pool, Spa

Tag Groups: Hotel Amenities

How to use Templates and Tagging as a Trip Publisher User  

Access our training tutorials here for Trip Publisher users who are Power Members or Members. If you are a Company Administrator, read here to learn more about publishing Company Templates.

How to use Templates and Tagging as an Administrator

Company Administrators have 2 important roles related to Templates and Tagging:

  1. Create and manage Tags and Tag Groups for your company/agency

  • TheCompany Administrator(s) creates the Tags and Tag Groups that will be available for your users

  • Create Tags and Tag Groups that have the right context for your company/agency

  1. Create and manage Template accessibility for your company/agency

  • Company Administrators can create Templates that can be made visible to all company/agency users; this makes it easy for your users to promote top selling product and destinations

  • Company Administrators can also manage visibility of Templates created by your company/agency users. For example; if one of your users has created a winning Template that would be beneficial to the entire company/agency, you can set the Template as accessible to all users

Access our training tutorials for Trip Publisher users who are Company Administrators.

  1. Tags and Tag Groups

    1. Intro to Tag CategoriesTags and Tag Groups

    2. Creating Tags and Tag Groups

    3. Assigning Attributes to Tags and Tag Groups

  1. Managing Template Visibility

    1. Template Access Settings: Company Templates

    2. Template Access Settings: Group Templates