Release Date: November 21, 2019

A. Added Features

1. New Supplier | Project Expedition

  • Bookings made with Project Expedition can now be imported into the Trip Publisher from Suppliers

2. Import from WETU in Import Bookings

  • Bookings made in WETU can now be accessed from both Suppliers and Import Bookings

3. Copy a Note into a Document

  • After creating a Note within a Trip, you can now copy that Note as a Page into an existing Document

B. Improvements

1. Tramada | Suppress Invoices

  • Invoice notices can now be suppressed when pushing the Tramada booking into Umapped

2. Reordered Document Type Dropdown Options

  • The Document type dropdown options have been reordered when creating a new document

C. Fixes

1. Dashboard | Sort by Date

  • The Sort by Date function for Trips will no longer sort alphabetically
  • Trips sorted by date will now sort chronologically

2. Flight Segment | Arrival Day Picker

  • When editing a Flight segment, the arrival date can now be selected up to the last of the Trip plus two additional days

3. Templates | Trip Email and Web Itinerary

  • The Trip Email and Web Itinerary generation have been disabled for Templates