Release Date: November 27, 2019

A. Added Features

1. New WETU Supplier | Tourvest

  • Bookings made with Tourvest can now be imported into the Trip Publisher from Suppliers

2. New WETU Supplier | Destination Africa

  • Bookings made with Destination Africa can now be imported into the Trip Publisher from Suppliers

B. Fixes

1. Website Links | Additional http:// added to link

  • When an http:// is inserted in front of a URL, that http:// will be recognized by the system
  • When an http:// is not inserted in front of a URL, it will be appended to the front of the string

2. Infinity PDF Parser | 1.3 Error Message

  • Added a parser fix for when trying to upload the Infinity Itinerary PDF
  • The “String index out of range. 1.3” error message will no longer appear when uploading the PDF

3. Infinity PDF Parser | Car Rental Confirmation Number and Accommodation

  • The parser has been updated and re-tested for the Car Rental Confirmation No. and Accommodation fields, which previously were not importing

4. Custom Trip Document

  • In the old Trip Publisher interface, users were able to create a “Custom Trip” Document type; this Document type was removed in the new interface, preventing users from deleting old Documents of this type
  • "Custom Trip Document" and "Trip Document" will be filtered out in search when Copying Note to Document