Release Date: December 10, 2019

A. Added Features

1. Transfer Trip Ownership | Company Trips

  • Ability to transfer the ownership of a Trip, that was created in another user’s account within the same Store, to your account

B. Fixes

1. Convert "Custom Trip Documents" to "General Documents"

  • In the old Trip Publisher interface, users were able to create a “Custom Trip” Document type; this Document type was removed in the new interface, preventing users from deleting old Documents of this type
  • Documents of this type “Custom Trip Documents” will be converted to “General Documents” 

2. Import Template to Trip Date Issue in PDF

  • When a Template is converted to a Trip or when a Template is Imported to a Trip, the dates in the PDF do not match the dates in the Trip Publisher, Web View, and Mobile versions
  • Fix implemented to resolve this date issue

3. Classic Vacations Booking Container Card

  • When attempting to import a larger Classic Vacations booking, users were unable to click the “Import” button to import the booking due to the booking falling off the container card
  • Fix implemented to contain all of the Classic Vacation booking information within the container card

4. Creating a Vendor | Autocomplete Suggestion Issue

  • Fix implemented to allow users to select select autocomplete suggestion from Google when creating a vendor from segment drawer

5. Vendor Search

  • Fix implemented to reduce the sensitivity of the Vendor search when searching for a vendor in the New Trip Publisher (either via VENDORS tab or in a Trip segment)