Release Date: December 18, 2019

A. New Features

1. New Feature | Photos on Note Segments and Document Pages

  • In the old Trip Publisher interface, users were able to re-order photos added to a note segment or page in a document
  • Users can now re-order photos added to note segments and pages in a documents

B. Improvements

1. Flight Notification Email

  • Updated Flight Notifications emails to emphasize verifying information with airlines directly to confirm the details of gate changes, delays and cancellations

2. View Details Drawer 

  • Previously, when selecting ‘View Details’ on a segment, all of the individual information panels in the drawer are collapsed and each panel must be clicked to expand
  • Upon selecting ‘View Details’ on a segment, the drawer will open and all information panels for that segment will be expanded if there is information in those segments

3. Delete Confirmation Message

  • When deleting information or file attachments from the expansion panels in the drawer, there is no confirmation message
  • A confirmation message will now ask users if they are sure they want to delete 

4. Search Function 

  • Search functions have become uniform to be able to search by pressing Enter on your keyboard 

5. Transfer Trips 

  • The option to Transfer Trips will be greyed out on trips in which the user is the owner

6. Group Sabre PNRs

  • Claimed Group PNRs from Sabre can now be queued or imported from the Booking Inbox

C. Fixes 

1. Infinity PDF Parser 

  • Parser fix implemented to ensure information is imported into separate segments 

2. View Details on Segment

  • Fix implemented to allow users to select ‘View Details’ on another segment and the drawer will update to be that segment. Users no longer have to close the drawer to open it again for another segment

3. Microsoft Edge

  • Fix implemented to ensure that the blank white screen will no longer appear after creating a segment