If you use a GDS or CRM, you may be able to import your bookings or even integrate them with Umapped directly. Here are a few ways to connect these workflows.

1. Sabre LIVE/ClientBase Sync integration

  • If you or your company uses Sabre, you can contact Umapped to set up a Sabre LIVE integration. This is available even while using a free trial!
    • If you are set up with Sabre Live, bookings you place in your Umapped queue will be synced to your Booking Inbox automatically.
  • If you are set up with ClientBase Sync, your ResCards will sync to your Booking Inbox several times a day.

Additional details available in the following articles:

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ClientBase Sync (Company Set Up)
ClientBase LiveConnect (User Set Up)
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2. Upload PNRs

  • Within a Trip or from your Dashboard, you can select Import Bookings on the left side of the Trip Publisher.
  • Enter your Record Locator and the passenger's last name, and select a GDS from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: Changes to PNRs added using the upload function will not sync automatically within your Trip - you will need to make any updates manually. The only way to ensure booking updates sync automatically is to set up a Sabre LIVE or ClientBase Sync integration for your company (Apollo, Gallileo, and Worldspan integrations are not supported).