You have the ability to customize all the vendor profiles available in your Vendor Database. 

You can edit vendor profiles as you are working on building Trips (as shown below) or via the Vendors tab at the top of your account (this is recommended if you want to customize multiple vendor profiles at once!).

Editing a vendor profile from within a Trip

1. In order to edit Vendor information, first click on View Details of the segment.

2. Select the camera icon next to the Vendor name. 

3. Select Edit Vendor Profile at the bottom of the Edit Photo pop-up if the Vendor has already been created. 

  • If the Vendor has not been created, you will be prompted to add the Vendor.

4. You can edit any information in the Edit Vendor Profile screen, including the details in Contact & Description (where you can edit the website and phone number).

  • Note: Making any changes to a Vendor that is part of the Umapped Public Vendor Database will result in the creation a copy of the Vendor in your Vendor library. If you ever need to make any edits or changes to this vendor in the future, you will need to search for the hotel in your Vendors.