Travellers will be able to interact with their Trip on the Web View and through the mobile app.

1. From within a Trip, select Travellers from the left navigation menu or click the Share icon and select Travellers.

2. Click Add Traveller, and fill out the fields in the dialogue box. Click Add Traveller again to add them to your Trip.

  • Note: if your Trip is already in Published status, your Travellers will receive a welcome email right away. If not, they will not be notified until you Publish your Trip.

3. Once your Traveller has been added, click the Options icon (three vertical dots) to remove the Traveller, preview the Welcome Email, or view their Trip Email Log.

Trip Email Log

The Trip Email Log allows you to track and view the status of the Trip emails sent to Travellers.

The Trip Email Log shows:

  • when the Trip email(s) was sent
  • when the Trip email(s) was delivered
  • how many times the Traveller(s) have opened the Trip email

1. Click the Travellers option from the left navigation menu or the Share icon and select Travellers.

2. Click on the Options icon to the right of the traveller and select View Email Log.

Understanding the Email Log

Email sent on:

  • The date and time the Trip email was sent to the Traveller;
  • There will be an entry for each time the Trip email has been sent.


  • Processed: the Trip email is being prepared by the Umapped email processor for delivery
  • Dropped: The Traveller has previously unsubscribed or marked Umapped emails as Spam
  • Sent: the Trip email has been sent from the Umapped email processor
  • Delivered: The Trip email has been accepted by the receiving server (i.e. the Traveller's email server)
  • Bounced: The server cannot or will not deliver the Trip email; bounces are often caused by outdated or incorrectly entered email addresses
  • Opened: Trip email has been opened.

Status updated:

  • Date and time of the most recent Trip email status update.


  • The number of times the Trip email has been opened.


  • Not currently used.

Note: If the email was not sent successfully, a bounceback email will be sent. Please check the email entered for the Traveller. If the email is entered correctly, please ask your client to check that <> is on their safe senders list and not being filtered, and that their spam/junk folder has been checked.

The Trip Email Log also includes the number of times a passenger has logged in to view the Web View, including a timestamp of the first and most recent instance.

NOTE: You will not be able to add emails associated with a Umapped Travel Advisor account as Travellers. If you wish to add yourself or a fellow travel professional as a Traveller, please use an email not associated with your Trip Publisher account.

Your Travellers will need to register for the mobile app with the same email you use to add them to a Trip.