Release Date: January 30, 2020

A. Fixes

1. File Attachments Lag

  • Fix implemented to reduce the lag between attaching multiple files and the files loading to the Trip; fix simultaneously prevents attaching duplicates of the files when pressing Attach more than once

2. Vendor Details

  • Fix implemented to retain the details when creating a Vendor from a segment
  • Fix implemented to retain Vendor name when a Landmark is chosen

3. Note Contents Duplicating

  • Fix implemented to keep the contents of a Note from duplicating when the Note is copied from a Template into a Trip

4. Publishing a Template on Pay-Per-Trip Plan

  • For users grandfathered in with the Pay-Per-Trip plan, a fix has been implemented to keep from charging the user when the user publishes a Template 

5. Activity Name Duplicating

  • Fix implemented to keep the Activity Name from duplicating when creating an Activity

6. Activity Segment Booking Number

  • Fix implemented to display booking number on the segment card when adding an Activity segment that includes a booking number

B. Improvements

1. Tag Administration

  • Updated “Created By” column on Tags to display the user’s username rather than the First name and Last name

2. Pagination to Tags Table

  • Added pagination to the Tags Table to easily see relevant Tags
  • Company Administrators can now see the number of rows per page, navigate from one page to the next, change the number of rows per page (10, 25, 50, 100), and navigate back to the first page

C. Tasks

1. Trip Planning | Development Work 

  • The first part of the development code has been released for Trip Planning
  • More code to be released in order to release to a limited release group for feedback 

2. Custom Trip Documents

  • To consolidate all Document types in the new Trip Publisher interface, the Custom Trip Document is no longer available

  • All Custom Trip Documents can now be found under General Documents in your Trip Publisher Library. Documents can also be accessed by entering a keyword/title in the Keyword Search field.