If you've received a booking confirmation via email, you may be able to forward it directly to your Booking Inbox. To check if a Supplier is supported, scroll down to the bottom of this Solution and view the attached list.

1. Forward the original email confirmation you received to import@umapped.com

  • The email address you forward from must match the email associated with your Umapped account (visible under your name in the bottom-left corner of the Trip Publisher).
  • If forwarding from an alternate email, send to import+[yourusername]@umapped.com (e.g. import+consultant1@umapped.com).

2. Look for the booking in your Booking Inbox (please allow up to 30 minutes for import).

3. Click on the subject line to examine the imported segments, then click the Options icon (three vertical dots) to either add it to your current Trip or create a new Trip with these segments.

4. If your email appears in your Dashboard under Email API Activity, but not in your Booking Inbox, it is likely for one of the following reasons:

The email was unsupported or unrecognized - if you emailed from a Supplier missing from our Supported Suppliers list (attached below), it will not import to your Booking Inbox.

The email was altered before forwarding - confirmation emails with additional signatures, highlighting, or emails forwarded to an additional address may not import.

The email is for a post-dated booking - only future-dated emails will appear in the Booking inbox. Once the travel date has passed, you will be unable to access the booking this way.

If your booking will not import and does not meet any of the above criteria, please contact support@umapped.com for further assistance.