If you are using a GDS that does not support integration with Umapped, or your company is not yet set up with Sabre LIVE, you can still import PNRs to the Trip Publisher.

1. From within a Trip, click Import Bookings.

2. Enter your PNR and passenger surname, and select your GDS (Sabre, Gallileo, Apollo, Worldspan) from the dropdown menu.

  • Note: For Sabre TripCase, please ensure that the PE Field has the passenger's email address, otherwise the PNR will not import into the Trip Publisher.

3. Once you click Import, the bookings will be added as segments in your Trip. Return to your Trip to review.

Please note: 

  • Trip Publisher's PNR import feature is not a live integration. If changes are made to a PNR, it will need to be re-imported.
  • If you wish to add details to segments added via PNR import in your Trip, we suggest adding them as a separate Note so your additions are not overwritten if PNRs are re-imported.