Release Date: April 14, 2020

A. Improvements

1. Background colour of the checkbox

  • Updated the background colour of all checkboxes from pink to blue

2. Flight notification Email Templates

  • General updates to flight notification email templates

3. Updated Wetu Supplier Setup | Discovery DMC

  • Bookings made with Discovery DMC can now be imported into the Trip Publisher from Suppliers using a keyword and searching by available tours

B. Fixes

1. Templates | Create a Vendor 

  • Fix implemented for users to create vendors from within a Template

2. Vendors | Search by Tags

  • Fix implemented to search Vendors by Tag

3. Tags | Drawer responsiveness and size

  • Fix implemented to view and edit details of Tag drawer in regards to responsiveness with screen size

4. Documents | Add a link to description in a Page 

  • Fix implemented in order add a link to a page

5. Templates | Import Trip to Template search

  • Fix implemented to the search function when importing a Trip into a Template

6. Duplicate Segments

  • Fix implemented for issue with removing the End Date when Copying the Segment; Dec 31, 1969 at 11:59 PM will no longer show up