Release Date: April 29, 2020

A. New Features

1. Number of Travellers visible in the Dashboard

  • In the My Trips view of the Dashboard, the number of travellers added to the Trip is now visible. Hovering over the number will display the Traveller details 

2. Deleting Trips with Collaborators and Travellers

  • User will now receive a prompt when attempting to delete trips that still have collaborators and/or travellers added

  • Travellers can now be removed from the Trip in the Dashboard

3. Adding Travellers from Left Hand Navigation

  • Managing travellers will now be available from the left-hand navigation within a Trip, as well as within the Share icon

B. Improvements

  1. Sorting the Dashboard by Date

    • The default sorting of Trips in the Dashboard will be by Trip start date (previously alphabetical by Trip name)

C. Fixes

  1. Activity Segment | Activity Name Duplication

    • Fix implemented to stop the duplication of the Activity Name field into the Contact field

  2. Activity Segment | Restaurant Activity Type

    • Fix implemented to allow the creation of Activity Segments with the Activity Type set to Restaurant

  3. Trips | Accessing Deleted Merged Trips

    • Trips that were deleted when merged will no longer be available via the Recently Viewed tab

  4. Templates | Flight Segments

    • Fix implemented to allow the creation of Flight Segments in Templates if the airline does not have a Vendor Profile

  5. Templates | Activity Segments

    • Fix implemented to select ‘None’ as an end date for Activity Segments in Templates