A Vendor Profile is where important vendor information is saved, for example: contact information, descriptions and even images -  it’s important to note that we use the term ‘vendor’ as a general term that can include hotels, cruises, tour or activity partners, transportation companies - and even airlines and airports. 

The ability to save vendor information, in the form of a profile, means that you do not have to add vendor details time and time again into your Templates and Trips; information you add is saved and available for re-use to help save time and eliminate data/information re-entry. 

The Vendor Database is the entire collection of profiles in your Trip Publisher account. This database is pre-loaded with hundreds of thousands of profiles that we have consolidated from various sources over time - these are primarily hotel, cruise, airport and airline profiles. 

What does this mean for you? Profiles for all major hotel chains and cruise lines, for example, are already available in your account day 1. The profiles from the default, or public, database can be customized and enhanced based on your preferences; plus, you can create new vendor profiles.