You can easily share Templates with potential clients and travellers through a shareable Template link. 


Sharing Your Template

1. Navigate to your Templates dashboard.

2. Click into the Template.

3. Ensure that the Template is Published

  • Note: You won't be able to share a Template in Pending status. 

4. Click on the Options icon in the blue Trip bar. 

5. Select Copy Template Link and then click the Copy icon to copy the link to your clipboard. A green success message will appear in the bottom left corner.

6. Paste the link into a new tab to open up the Template web view.

You can now share your Template with any of your clients, on your social media, or in a personal email!

Updating a Shared Template

To make changes to a shared template, follow the below steps:

1. Un-Publish the Template

2. Make any changes/updates to the Template

3. Publish the Template

4. Click on the Options icon and then click Copy Template Link

  • Once Copy Template Link is clicked, your Trip Web View will be updated with any changes. This step must be completed for your Template Web View to be updated.