Release Date: January 27, 2021

A. Improvements

1. Relocate Wetu import to 'Import Bookings'

  • Wetu users can now access Wetu bookings from its own separate tab in the Booking Inbox; this is exclusively available to users with the Wetu integration

B. Fixes

1. Instagram Link

  • Fix implemented for issue with company logo vanishing when an Instagram link is added to the company profile

2. Shareable Templates | Logos

  • Fix implemented for issue with distorted logos in a shareable Template; logos will now resize accordingly

3. Shareable Templates | Safari Link

  • Fix implemented for issue when attempting to copy a shareable Template link within Safari; users should now be able to successfully copy a Template link from the browser

4. Shareable Templates | End Day

  • Fix implemented for issue with default End Day displaying as the Start Day; when End Day is left intentionally empty in Trip Publisher, it will now appear empty in the shareable Template