Our Trip Analysis functionality reviews your trip for missing components and ways for you to upsell throughout the proposal and trip building process. The first cross-sell component that is now available is Insurance.

NOTE: Insurance Cross-Sell is only available to users on a Professional plan. Please reach out to support@umapped.com to upgrade your plan.

1. Click on your user profile in the top right-hand corner and navigate to your Preferences. Insurance Lead Generation will be ON by default. To disable Insurance Lead Generation, select the toggle button. The toggle will now be grey, indicating this option is not enabled.

2. Navigate back to your Trip and send it off to your travellers.

3. Now that insurance cross-sell has been enabled in your account, if your Trip doesn’t contain an insurance segment, the Trip Publisher will prompt your travellers to request insurance from you. 

4. If your traveller wishes to request insurance from you, you'll receive an email alerting you that your client would like an insurance quote. 

To see how your travellers can experience insurance cross-sell, check out our next article: How to Use Insurance Cross-Sell (Traveller Experience)