If your traveller’s Trip is missing insurance, our insurance cross-sell functionality will give your traveller the option to add insurance to their Trip.

1. From the Trip email, your traveller will open the Web View of the Trip by clicking View Your Trip.

2. At the top of the Trip, travellers will see a suggestion to protect their trip with insurance.

  • If the traveller doesn’t wish to add insurance, they can click No Thanks.

    • Once No Thanks is clicked, the Insurance Cross-sell segment will not appear again.

  • If the traveller does wish to add insurance, they can click the Send Me A Quote acceptance button.

3. Once the traveller has requested insurance, the suggestion box will disappear and they will receive a success message letting them know you (their Travel Advisor) have been notified and that you will reach out to them.

4. You (the Travel Advisor) will then receive an email alerting you that your client would like to purchase insurance.

Now that you know what your client wants, you can reach out to them to complete the purchase and add an insurance segment to their Trip with all the details.