For Travellers that receive an itinerary from a Lozano Travel advisor and want access to their Trip anywhere, the Lozano Travel Mobile App powered by Umapped can be downloaded via the Goolge Play and Apple App Store.

If you are an Advisor within the Lozano Travel company, the Lozano Travel app links will appear on the Web Itinerary, as well as the 'Get Ready For Your Trip' email sent to your Travellers.

First-time users will need to register for an account in the app using the same email where they received their Trip email (and that you entered as their traveller email within Trip Publisher).

1. Click Sign Up to create your Mobile App account and then fill out all of the required information and click Register. Next, navigate to the Log In tab and enter your credentials, then click Login.

2. Trips will sync to the traveller's mobile device within a couple of minutes.

3. The My Trips page will display all your traveller's active Trips.

  • Filter through active and past Trips by selecting the Filter icon in the top right-hand corner.

The Lozano Travel Mobile App is accessible even without a network connection. Notes, photos, and videos can be edited offline. Please note that a network connection for the original download is required.

Any new content will be synced automatically the next time the Mobile App is used with a network connection. Certain functionality such as the map, Messenger, and weather features will not be available offline.

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